Technology plays an important role in your business. It enables critical processes and facilitates customer interactions and optimizes your supply chain. You demand the same service level from it as you expect from any other asset in your business. It needs to work in a manner that gives you the freedom to respond to opportunities as they present themselves and it needs to do so without demanding all your energy and attention on an ongoing basis.

You expect your return on investment, both financial and effort, to be maximized. You understand the degree of complexity associated with technology in business as well as you understand the complexity and effort required to maintain other functions in your business such as finance, operations, HR, marketing and such, but your business is not ready to employ the same resource overheads to ensure the necessary planning, alignment, resourcing and execution as you have in other functions.

You believe correctly that it is not only more cost effective to leverage the experience, skills and capacity from a specialist business that shares the same expectations in terms of excellence as you hold, but you also believe that the benefits of collective experience, insights and maturity of process only comes from environment where these are drilled and exercised as core business activities on a daily basis.