About Mdaemon

Mdaemon is a fully compliant mail server solution that is not resource hungry and is simple to install, operate and maintain. Mdaemon is trusted by customers in over 90 countries to meet the needs of their small to medium sized businesses.

What services are covered?

Email Security

Email Encryption

Email Archiving

Mobile Device Management

Remote Administration


Instant Messenger

Exchange Migration

What would the cost be?

Services covered in more detail

Email Security

Purchase / Renew / Upgrade
Spam Filter
SSL, TLS, and StartTLS
Relay Controls
SMTP Authentication
Spam Filter: Bayesian Learning
Reverse Lookups

Content Filter
Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
IP Shielding
Backscatter Protection
Vouch By Reference (VBR) Certification
Email Authentication
Spam Filter: Blacklist

Spam Filter: Whitelist
Hijacked Account Detection
Spambot Detection
SMTP Screening
Dynamic Screening
Dynamic Screening Notifications
Location Screening
Account Manager
Password Controls
Health Check Utility
Let’s Encrypt Support
DNSSEC – Avoid DNS Attacks
Additional Security Features
Spam Filter

Email Encryption Features

Server-to-Recipient (Server-Side) Email Encryption
Server-to-Recipient (Server-Side) Attachment Encryption
Automatic Encryption
Encryption Key Management

Email Archiving Features

Purchase / Renew / Upgrade
Simple, Intuitive Configuration
Archiving to Multiple Addresses
Circumvent Mailbox Storage Quotas
Email Archive Searching from MDaemon Webmail
Queues and Statistics Manager
Archive Inbound and Outbound Email
Archive Folder Custom Access Levels
Archive Based on Sender and Recipient Address
No Additional Fees
Additional Archiving Solutions

Mobile Device Management Features

Purchase / Renew / Upgrade
Mobile Device Management for BYOD Environments
MDaemon Webmail for Mobile
Remote Mobile Device Management
Connect with ActiveSync for MDaemon
Connect with IMAP
Connect with POP3
Connect with SyncML
iPhone / iPad
Windows Mobile / Windows Phone

Remote Administration Features

Overview Video for MDaemon Remote Administration
MDaemon Status Reports
Add, Edit, or Remove Accounts
Create and Edit Domains
Adjust MDaemon Port Settings and Event Timeouts
Configure Message Archiving
Shared Folders with Custom Access Levels
MDaemon Configuration Files
Access All MDaemon Logs
Colorized Session Logs
Traffic and Mailbox Charts
Webmail Server Settings
Mobile Device Management
ActiveSync – Remote Device Soft Wipe

Account Manager Icons
Holding Queue
Queue Management
Queue Search
Antivirus with MDaemon AntiVirus
Outbreak Protection with MDaemon AntiVirus
Domain Sharing
Domain Signatures / Exclaimers
Auto-Responder Settings
Active Session Viewer
Message Search
Set Security Features to Recommended Settings
Remember Me
Language Support

Webmail Features

Free Trial / Download Purchase / Renew / Upgrade
Share and Collaborate
Personalize MDaemon Webmail
Multi-Language Support
MDaemon Webmail for Mobile
Email Security – Email Encryption
Email Security – Identify and Confirm Message Authenticity to Prevent Spearphishing
Email Security – Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)
Email Security – Allow Embedded Images from Trusted Senders
Email Security – Password Maintenance and Recovery
Convenient Message Scheduling
Default Reply-To Address
Save Emails
Automatically Organize Messages
Message Categories
Folder Management
Complex Filters
Easily Search Folders
Public and Private Address Books

Automatic Address Book Synchronization
Easily Share Contacts
Contacts and Distribution Lists
Calendar with Free/Busy Integration
Calendar View: Side-by-Side, Lists, and More
Flexible Calendar Sharing
Tasks (To-Do Lists)
Drag and Drop Email Attachments
Share and Manage Documents
Easily Connect to Dropbox
Inline Image Support in HTML Messages
Email Templates
Desktop Notifications
Email Notification with MDaemon Instant Messenger
Installing Instant Messaging from MDaemon Webmail
Fax Within MDaemon Webmail
Remember Me for Easier Access
Message Snooze
Voice Recorder
Additional Resources

Instant Messenger Features

Secure Instant Messenger
Manage Your Instant Messaging
Email Notification
Automatic Address Book Synchronization
File Sharing
Password Protected Chat Rooms
Message Logging
Desktop Installation
Third-Party Chat (XMPP) Client Support
Language Support
Additional Resources

Exchange Migration Features

MDMigrator Tool
ActiveSync Migration Client for MDaemon
Optional Info